Message from Dawn and Sarah

Hello Amanda C. Rowe community! School is underway and thankfully the weather has cooled off. We seem to be getting our feet under ourselves in terms of procedures and routines. We know there are many questions in the community about multiage and combined classrooms, in addition to ongoing questions about project based learning. As we continue to deepen our own understanding of our collaborative practices, we are excited share them with you. One of our teachers was commenting this week about how enriching it was to have two teachers teaming to plan and deliver instruction to students. We have found many benefits of team teaching already and also enjoy the flexibility that the removable walls provide us. Thank you for joining us on this journey of growth and learning this year.

2018 Grand Openning

The Rowe-d to Success Update

In the process of change over to our new name, Amanda C. Rowe, we also transition our Hall Ways Expectations to a new name, The Rowe-d to Success. These are our positively stated school rules and are: I choose kindness, I am ready to learn, I keep trying, and I am a collaborative problem solver. All learners at Rowe will have many opportunities to practice and apply these expectations in many contexts as we teach the rules in all areas of the building to start the school year. Please feel free to use this language at home with your learner as well!

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