Mrs. Swenson

           Welcome to Rowe Pre-K! 

  children in a line

 For most children Pre-K is their first schooling experience and I strive to make it the as fun and as educational as possible!  Here are a few friendly reminders to help make your child's time in Pre-K the most effective and enjoyable.  

* Our day begins at 8:30 a.m. (This is earlier than the rest of Rowe School). Please have your child to school on time!  You are asked to walk your child to our classroom each and every day.  Drop-off sets the tone for your child's day and also gives you and I a chance to connect.  Also our day ends at 1:30 p.m.  You will be told where to pick up your child each day and it is very important that you be on time.

*Attendance is very important in Pre-K! Please be sure that your child comes to Pre-K everyday, unless they are too ill.  If your child is going to be absent please call as soon as possible.  You can also e-mail me before the start of school,, to inform me of your child's absence. 

*Please be sure that your child comes to school dressed appropriatly for the weather conditions.  We do go outside to play as much as possible!  Also be sure your child has a complete change of clothes in case of an accident, spill, etc. 

*We will meet two times during the year to discuss your child's progress and to set goals. Please feel free to check in with me at any time to see how your child is doing and to let me know if you have questions or concerns!