Here is a list of links and names that could be downloaded as an app or learning/skill website that can be accessed on iPads, Chromebooks or MacBooks.  Click on the names and a link will appear to take you directly the sites or search in the App Store. Splash Math--(FREE - Common Core aligned) - Teach Your Monster to Read--this is FREE and AWESOME...especially for kids at the K-1 level or for strategic learners.  It is skill based and kids progress based on performance. - An app for math and ELA practice. It's broken up into smaller content areas within each. It gives a pre-assessment and then self-levels as the kids progress. - An app for math fact practice. It can be set to various skill levels (add-subtract-multiply-divide). - We use this mostly for math for kids to watch videos and take quizzes. - amazing skill based practice ($ for subscription but well worth the cost -- common core aligned math and literacy...get for differentiation and allowing kids to work on the skills needed individually.  You can also have kids work on targets at grade levels above and below!) - helps students think and learn visually


Professional Resources for iPads and other: (Kara LaRochelle--record keeping) (Renee Carbone--quick links to frequently visited sites for kids and/or personally/professionally) (FREE--Kerry & Kristen) (FREE--gross motor breaks, calming, yoga, inspiration, etc.) (FREE--Amanda Butcher--instructional videos & practice activities for various content areas/skills) (FREE--Math Common Core Aligned) (FREE) (FREE) (FREE) (FREE--Jenna Quimby) (Vanessa Churchill) (Vanessa Churchill--social/emotional app) (Renee Carbone--way to take all links, especially from YouTube, and make them safe with no adds, etc. QR Codes (Kerry & Kristen--endless uses but found to be motivating for reading/writing workshop celebrations) (Bianca Winship) (Best Websites for Teaching and Learning) - Flip Classroom Resource